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Activating Patients

We make medical information understandable
and actionable for all patients

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Promoting advocacy

Helping patients navigate today's increasingly
complex healthcare system

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Tangible, Credible, Enduring

Print remains an essential medium. Delivering content through print ensures that everyone--including those without Internet, is able to obtain, process, and understand information about their health so that they can make informed decisions about their care.


Powerful, Interactive, Shareable

Digital media provides end-users with personally relevant resources at the click of a button, while enabling content providers to share tools, support materials, and resources that build bridges of opportunity for all learners.


Inspiring, Emotional, Relatable

The human brain is inherently hard-wired to use faces and voices as focal points for information gathering. The power of video combines audio and visualization to clarify complex information, to convey emotions, and to elicit actionable responses.


Immediate, Reactive, Convenient

Did you know that more than two-third of all searches for information begin on mobile phones? No longer simply miniature desktops, mobile devices place resources immediately at patients’ fingertips.

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Branded Case Study

Patient Empowerment
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Unbranded Case Study

Disease State Awareness

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Product Director, Major pharmaceutical company